Inktober Week 1

I decided to join a little art challenge called Inktober on Tumbler earlier this month. Let’s just say I might have bit off more than I can chew. It’s been a lot of fun but I will be glad to finish it. Here’s my sketchbook’s first entrees for Inktober:)


                                                 Day 1 – Music & Flowers  
                                                          Day 2 – Aslan

Day 3 – Happy Onigiri (top right) Day 4- Party Panda (bottom right) 

Day 5- Hunter’s Moon (left)
I’ll post the next batch of Inktober sketches in a couple of days, come back soon!

Looking Back

Title: Transparent 

A piece from last year’s sketchbook, I’m still not quite sure what I had in mind when I drew this. Looking at it now I  have the impression that it speaks of being vulnerably transparent, opening the most inner being, the soul, for all to see. My heart resonates with this, it seems such a risky move, so unsafe. Yet, it’s something that is freeing, something so daring, full of honesty. In this season God has been tenderly tugging my heart about my relationships, about pulling down some old walls, of lowering my shields and stripping off my armor of caution. To trust, to receive, and to be daring and transparent. 


Timey Whimey…


Working on some Doctor Who fan art:) Rose as Bad Wolf, the wonderful and brilliant 10th Doctor (who will always be my favorite) and the marvelously sassy River Song (who’s storyline and twist is the best so far in the TV series). I’m hoping to do a few more Doctor Who pieces, mainly the Ponds, Rory and Amy (who are the cutest couple ever) and the fun loving 11th Doctor with all his bow tie silliness!   


Flora & Pups

Mr Pug by Chelsea Ann Spring Cavalier by Chelsea Ann Spring Strider by Chelsea Ann Spring GreyHound By Chelsea Ann Spring

Flora and Pups:

Exploring a new little sketch/ink series of dog portraits with flora. A couple of these will be a available as prints on my upcoming Esty shop.

1: Pug 2: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 3: Strider the Vizsla 4: Italian Greyhound

New Things











It’s been a long time and so many things have happened. Here is some new techniques and styles I have been exploring in my sketchbook the past couple of months.

Woman At The Well

Woman at the Well

Title: Woman at the Well

An unfinished sketch of  the woman at the well from John 4:1-42

The account of Jesus speaking with the Samaria woman just captures me! That Jesus saw, really saw her for who she was and whom she could/will be and loved her all the same, spoke to her so tentatively and didn’t wave her doubts or fears away but confronted them, brought them to light and  washed over them with the Truth.