Coffee Shop Art

If you’re a regular at Stone Cup on Fraser Ave in downtown Chattanooga, you might see something different upstairs. Some original watercolor and ink pieces of mine will be on display there and new pieces will be added soon!



Hello Con Nooga!

If you’re attending Con Nooga this weekend drop by my table and say hello 🙂 I’ll be selling prints, bookmarks, necklaces, earrings, and more. Also I’ll be taking commissions during the convention. I have limited spots for commissions so make sure to stop by early in the day if you want to get a 8×10 original ink drawing  

Anime Blast 2015 Commissions & thoughts

I had such a great time in the artist alley at Anime Blast’s convention this past weekend! Such great fellow artists and venders, everyone was super helpful and nice and the customers were the best!!! Wonderful people and so great to talk with 😄 Here’s some commissions that I did during the event. Thank you all for coming by my table! 😄

 Beauty & the Beast from the 1987 TV series 

Levi from Attack on Titan

Krypto the Super Dog  

Update! Here comes the Hiccups

Update! Update!!!

The illustrations for “Dr Hickerup” has been delivered 🙂 So all that needs to be done now is work through some kinks turning them into Kindle format. Stand by for more details about the new children’s story for Kindle by Katherine Mitchell coming out very soon 🙂


"Dr. Hickerup" artwork done by Chelsea Ann Spring


All artwork and Illustrations done for “Dr Hickerup the Hiccup Healing Man” was done by Chelsea Ann Spring all copyrights of the illustrations belong to the artist please do not copy, reproduce or alter the artist’s work.