The Feather White Cloak

It’s been a long time coming but here is the first Illustration, for one of my classes, that I have been promising to show you all for weeks. But before seeing the finish piece lets go through the process in creating it.

First thing is the idea, usually that comes about by doodling or if you’re a college student like meit can be a sudden unsuspected burst of creativity when taking notes in class.

From there the best thing to do is thumbnails, doing thumbnails helps you to figure out if there is any other ideas buried within that one spark   you had earlier and if there is a better one just waiting for you to uncover.

Next is the ruff sketch, unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of it before I did my finished sketch.
Here’s the final sketch on tracing paper.

And once you have your sketch done you can transfer it to your illustration board (or whatever type of paper you prefer) and begin the odyssey of giving the piece life, light and shadows, depth and atmosphere, along with a good dose of your sleep as well as your sanity in most cases😉

After hours upon hours of pouring out your heart and stressing over your piece it forms into a wonderful mesh of paint storks. But be warnged the painting tends to have a mind of its own and can turn out somewhat different from your original idea. Some times for the better and other times…well I just won’t go there.

Title: The Feather White Cloak By Chelsea Spring 2012

Please do not copy, use or reproduce any of the artwork shown here, all rights belong to the artist Chelsea Spring.

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