Foxes and books

So here is some pics of a commission I finished back in 2011. Whew! I still can’t believe that it’s 2012 now! I’m vary excited to see what God has planned for this year for me:)

This commission was for a sweet friend  who  asked me to do a picture of foxes with books. I loved  doing this piece, being that foxes are one of my favorite animals to draw and paint, and the watercolor came out wonderfully bright and fun:) Here’s a tiny glimpse  of the process of my artwork.

Title: Bed Time Stories

By Chelsea Spring 2011

The final sketch of  “Bed Time Stories”.  Now the next step is transferring it to watercolor paper by retracing it with Tracing paper.

Here’s the first stages of painting with watercolor and ink.

 And now the final touches are done and the painting is complete:)

All images of the “Bed Time Stories” belongs to the artist, Chelsea Spring, so please do not use without permission. Thank you:)

2 thoughts on “Foxes and books

  1. Daniel Gleason says:

    Hannah Elrod gave this painting to my wife and me to celebrate the birth of our son. Hannah delivered it to us yesterday, and we absolutely love it! Have you ever thought about doing illustrations for children’s book? Could be a hit!

    Thanks again,

    Daniel and Kathleen Gleason

    • comeawaystudio says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy that you and your wife like the painting:) It was wonderful to work with Hannah on coming up with all the fun details in the painting. And yes I have always wanted to illustrate for children’s books and it turns out that I’m going to be illustrating for a children’s story this summer that will be published and sold online in digital format. Thank you for writing and congrats on you and your wife’s new baby boy!

      Chelsea Spring

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