Heart Strings


A personal piece, about heart strings. The need for connection, the need for a loveless, unhappy heart, to find joy again and be filled up with light by it’s heavenly Creator.

New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I’m looking forward to 2016, though I still feel like I’m not done yet with 2015. Haha. Here’s to new possibilities and adventures it will bring! 

Anime Blast 2015 Commissions & thoughts

I had such a great time in the artist alley at Anime Blast’s convention this past weekend! Such great fellow artists and venders, everyone was super helpful and nice and the customers were the best!!! Wonderful people and so great to talk with šŸ˜„ Here’s some commissions that I did during the event. Thank you all for coming by my table! šŸ˜„

 Beauty & the Beast from the 1987 TV series 

Levi from Attack on Titan

Krypto the Super Dog  

AnimeBlast ConventionĀ 

Hello there! If you’re in the Chattanooga area and going to be at Anime Blast this weekend drop by my table in the artist alley area šŸ˜ƒ I’ll be selling ink and watercolor prints, custom art jewelry, journals and fun little tea cup rings! I’ll also be taking commissions while at the event, but only five at a time! So stop by šŸ˜„



Inktober Week 1

I decided to join a little art challenge called Inktober on Tumbler earlier this month. Let’s just say I might have bit off more than I can chew. It’s been a lot of fun but I will be glad to finish it. Here’s my sketchbook’s first entrees for Inktober :)


                                                 Day 1 – Music & Flowers  
                                                          Day 2 – Aslan

Day 3 – Happy Onigiri (top right) Day 4- Party Panda (bottom right) 

Day 5- Hunter’s Moon (left)
I’ll post the next batch of Inktober sketches in a couple of days, come back soon!

Looking Back

Title: Transparent 

A piece from last year’s sketchbook, I’m still not quite sure what I had in mind when I drew this. Looking at it now I  have the impression that it speaks of being vulnerably transparent, opening the most inner being, the soul, for all to see. My heart resonates with this, it seems such a risky move, so unsafe. Yet, it’s something that is freeing, something so daring, full of honesty. In this season God has been tenderly tugging my heart about my relationships, about pulling down some old walls, of lowering my shields and stripping off my armor of caution. To trust, to receive, and to be daring and transparent. 


Timey Whimey…


Working on some Doctor Who fan art :) Rose as Bad Wolf, the wonderful and brilliant 10th Doctor (who will always be my favorite) and the marvelously sassy River Song (who’s storyline and twist is the best so far in the TV series). I’m hoping to do a few more Doctor Who pieces, mainly the Ponds, Rory and Amy (who are the cutest couple ever) and the fun loving 11th Doctor with all his bow tie silliness!   



Mountains and the Golden Moon

Title: The Golden Moon (top)Title: Mountain Mist (bottom)

Some of the things I love most in nature is early morning mist sleepy drifting along the mountains and the beautiful golden harvest moon hovering just beyond reach along the horizon. 

The Golden Moon will be for sell as prints on my upcoming Esty shop, there will be limited editions of the Mountain Mist painting for sell on the shop as well :)